NCP announces new service: Migrant Access Programme (MAP)

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NCP is proud to announce a new exciting nationwide service for new communities, Migrant Access Programme (MAP) created to support migrants to access employment in Ireland.

This service was established by New Communities Partnership in partnership with Mendicity institution and is part of the European Social Fund Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.

MAP will offer participants training and public information sessions on job seeking skills, CV and cover letter, basic presentation and effective communication skills, essential IT skills, English for job seeking, employment rights and entitlements, among others.

First Public Information Session is planned for Wednesday, 24th of May 2017. And first cycle of employment training will start Tuesday, 30th of May and finish by Wednesday, 21st of June 2017.

This programme is part of NCP continuous work towards the empowerment and inclusion of ethnic minorities in Ireland.

Please find more details about our service here.

Press release - NCP National Conference 2017

IMG_2206 Emily Logan, Chief Commissioner of IHREC speaking at NCPNatConf2017

Thrusday, 30th March 2017


At its national conference in Dublin Castle today (30 March), NEW COMMUNITIES PARTNERSHIP (NCP), supported by Tusla – Child and Family Agency, highlighted the positive work it is doing in supporting migrant communities in Ireland.

Daniela Jurj, National Co-ordinator, NCP MIGRANT FAMILY SUPPORT SERVICE spoke today about what staff have learnt in its delivery of the service: “We have become acutely aware of how vulnerable and often confused and stigmatised migrant families are when they’re going through the service. Providing a safe space, a confidential listening ear and clear guidance through the very complex child protection and legal system has proved invaluable to the parents we support”. Ms. Jurj added: “We’ve also learnt that prevention is key. Top of our priorities is training migrant parents and community leaders in parenting practices in Ireland”.

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