New Communities Partnership (NCP) is an independent National Network of more than 150 immigrant-led groups comprising 65 nationalities. Our membership comprises community and voluntary groups from Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, European, the Caribbean, South American and African backgrounds.

NCP is an organisation led by community members for community members, and the issues that we are addressing are grounded in our lived experiences. The organisation enables migrants communities to engage with all aspects of Irish social, political and cultural life on an equal footing, thereby maximising the leadership capacity within new communities.

Our Network was formed in 2003 by a group of community leaders who wished to represent and empower migrant communities and their organisations in Ireland. Though member groups' backgrounds varied widely, they shared the common goal of striving to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that arose for people building a new life in Ireland.

In addition to being the largest migrant-led Network in Ireland, NCP also offers a number of services that assist migrant individuals, families and groups with social inclusion, child protection, education, training, employment, cultural understanding, citizenship etc.