NCP Staff

Laura Kersulyte Laura Kersulyte

Finance and HR Manager

Laura Kersulyte is the office, finance and HR coordinator for New Communities Partnership (NCP). As one of the NCP's longest-serving staff members, she has worked with since 2008. Laura has been instrumental in shaping and developing the growth of the organisation. As well as serving on various committees and steering groups, she was a founding member for NCP's Women's Forum. 


Diego Castillo, New Communities Partnership Diego Castillo

Research and Policy Officer

Diego joined the New Communities Partnership team in October 2018 as Programmes Officer. In his current role, Diego facilitates the development of programmes within the organisation, including through reporting and data analysis. Furthermore, he takes an active role in the development and implementation of NCP's advocacy and policy strategies.

44346350_343974692844579_1634678936703074304_n Sevak Khachatryan

Youth Project Coordinator

Since May 2014, Sevak has been coordinating NCP Youth, a youth project within NCP. One of the core projects of NCP Youth is the English Homework Club, a programme Sevak developed, which assists migrant students in primary and secondary schools in Dublin. Sevak also coordinates NCP’s collaboration with SIRIUS European Policy Network, which includes representing NCP at European level as well as organising EU policy conferences in Ireland.

NCP Logo 2 Rima Kawash

Migrant Family Support Service Coordinator

Rima is the project coordinator for NCP's Migrant Family Support Service (MFSS), a service that assists migrant families undergoing child welfare interventions. She has been working in the community sector in Ireland for many years to date and is highly experienced in cultural advocacy. Rima holds a bachelor's in business studies, a diploma in social studies and a diploma in early childhood care and education. 

Yemisi Ojo Yemisi Ojo

Migrant Family Support Service Project Worker

Yemisi is a project worker for Migrant Family Support Service (MFSS), which includes assisting migrant families and providing training on best practices for child welfare. She holds a BA in Economics & AAS Business Management from UDC and has participated in various trainings relevant to her work, including European Migration and Cultural Diversity Training and Community Development & Leadership training from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth.

Mariana Dragut, New Communities Partnership Mariana Dragut

Migrant Family Support Service Project Worker

Mariana is a project worker with NCP's Migrant Family Support Service, working with migrant families, caregivers and state bodies on matters surrounding the welfare of migrant children. Mariana holds an honours degree in social care work, where she specialised in child protection law, migrant needs, disability rights and issues, and public health education.


Jennifer O'Sullivan Jennifer O'Sullivan

Migrant Family Support Service Project Worker (NCP Cork)

Jennifer is a Migrant Family Support Services project worker who is based in the NCP Cork office. She holds a level 6 qualification in Community and Health Services and has a level 8 bachelor's degree in Social Work. Before NCP, Jennifer gained strong experience working with children and adolescents in a youth work capacity. She also has experience working with adults with intellectual disabilities.

Kuda Mushaya -- NCP Migrant Family Support Service MFSS Kuda Mushaya

Migrant Family Support Service Project Worker

Kuda works as a project worker for NCP's Migrant Family Support Service (MFSS). She holds an LLM from UCD in which she specialised in international human rights law, and an LLB in Irish law. She brings unwavering commitment to advocate for the needs of others to her role in NCP. In her role, she advocates and supports migrant families experiencing child protection interventions, with the core aim of promoting the best interests of children. Kuda also gives cultural support to social workers working within child and family services across Dublin.


Doris Abuchi Ogbonda Doris Abuchi Ogbonda

Project Coordinator (Migrant Access Programme)

Doris is the National Coordinator of the Migrant Access Programme (MAP), a service designed to strengthen employment prospects for migrants, which is delivered nationwide. With experience working as a diversity and inclusion worker, an intercultural advocate, a national facilitator, a community activist, and volunteering roles, Doris works now to empower and support migrants to improve their chances of employability and be included. Previously, she coordinated NCP's Social Inclusion and Community Activation project (SICAP) and worked as a project worker in the Migrant Family Support Support Service (MFSS). 

Frank Odei Tettey Frank Odei Tettey

Information Officer (Citizenship Application Support Service)

Frank is an information officer with NCP's Citizenship Application Support Service (CASS). He has several years of experience working in the CASS service and of providing excellent customer service while dealing with clients' queries. In his role, he has been able to assist the countless migrants he has worked with by providing information and guiding them through the naturalisation process and immigration-related issues. He acts as an anchor for CASS, coordinating and managing staff, interns and volunteers. 

NCP_029 Ludmila Gorbaczewska

Information Officer (Citizenship Application Support Service)

Ludmila is an information officer working in NCP's Citizenship Application Support Service (CASS). She graduated Gdansk University with a master's degree in Polish Literature. She began her career in NCP as a volunteer in 2016 before progressing to her current role. She brings her professionalism to her work in CASS, helping people with their citizenship applications. 

Jeannett Taku -- NCP Cork -- cropped Jeannett Taku

Programme Coordinator (NCP Cork)

Jeannett is currently Programme Coordinator of the NCP Cork. She joined NCP in 2012 as a volunteer and was later employed as a Migrant Family Support Service (MFSS) project worker. Jeannett holds a master's degree in Contemporary Migration and Diaspora Studies (CMDS) and a bachelor's degree in Applied Social Studies (Social Work) from University College Cork (UCC).