Current NCP Members

Current NCP Member Organisations

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A Mile in My Shoe

A Mile in My Shoe provides educational support to African girls and young women. The association was founded in 2017.

  • Contact name: Yolandah Hyathi

Afghan Community

afghan community of ireland logo

The Afghan Community and Cultural Association of Ireland, founded in 2001, has a mission to be active in international cultural exchange, promote integration, and to support all Afghans living in Ireland.

  • Contact name: Saljuqi Nasruddin

Alma Boliviana in Ireland

alma boliviana logo

Alma Boliviana promotes Boliviana culture, dance, and folklore in Ireland through various dance and cultural events.

  • Contact name: Diana Viveros

Anambra Irish Professionals Association (AIPA) Ireland

aipa ireland

AIPA Ireland is a think-tank of Nigerian professionals of Anambra State descent. The association works to identify specific projects that will engender economic growth, alleviate poverty, and empower women, youths and vulnerable groups in our society. It also strives to support professional development. 


Anambra State Women Association Ireland

The Anambra State Women Association provides a community for women to identify with our roots as indigenes of Anambra State of Nigeria to help unite all women in Ireland.

  • Contact name: Angela Onuko

Angolan Association Cork

The Angolan Association Cork promotes Angolan culture in Ireland and aims to foster unity and integration amongst Angolans living in Ireland.  

Arabesque Events

Arabesque Events promotes Arabic culture by highlighting its beauty. It showcases the arts and culture through exhibitions, music, dance, films, food, and language. The organisation of these events helps preserve traditions and helps facilitate integration as well. 

  • Contact name: Rafika Rajab

Association of Botswana in Ireland

The Association of Botswana in Ireland promote and celebrate their culture through a number of different events. They encourage participation from members of their community.

  • Contact name: Boikobo Selepeng

Association of Guineans in Ireland (AGC)

Based in Cork, AGC aims to provide a community and support system for Guineans living in Ireland. 

Association of Malawians in Ireland

AMAI logo

 AMAI aims to connect Malawians living in Ireland and people of Malawi descent together through fellowship and support. The association also provides a platform for the promotion of Malawian cultural values and information exchange.

  • Contact name: Sam Mwale

Association of Moroccans in Ireland

The Association of Moroccans in Ireland promotes the Moroccan culture in Ireland, helps facilitate the social cohesion, and helps build relationships between the Moroccan and Irish communities.. 

  • Contact name: Yahya Fetchadi / Samir Hachanj

Association of Ogun State Indigenes in Ireland

AOSI logo

The Association of Ogun State Indigenes, Ireland, a registered non-profit, local grassroots multicultural organisation dedicated to membership empowerment and to working towards the integration of their community in Ireland. It aims to encourage and promote social interaction of the Ogun State Indigenes community and other communities within Ireland, to facilitate socioeconomic and cultural integration of members, to source funding for education programs for members, and to make a positive contribution to the development of less privileged Ogun State communities.

  • Contact name: Olatunji Idowu / Yinka Sosanya

Association of Oromo Community in Ireland (AOCI)

The Association of Oromo Community in Ireland is a community-based charity that aims to help our members to integrate into society by providing support.

  • Contact name: Berhanu Hundie / Tesfaye Onsho

Association of Spanish Parents in Ireland

ASPI logo

ASPI is a sociocultural and recreative organization, formed in 2012, that aims to promote the use of the Spanish language between parents and their children and works to encourage the transmittance of Hispanic culture and traditions. The association also seeks to contribute to the cultural diversity of Ireland, to serve as a platform to connect and integrate Irish and Hispanic communities, and to provide a network of Hispanics within Ireland.

  • Contact name: Leticia Medina Andres

Association of Tanzanians in Ireland

The Association of Tanzanians in Ireland provides a community and support for Tanzanians living in Ireland and promotes the culture. 

  • Contact name: Edna Lyatuu Hogan

Awareness for Development

Awareness for Development works for the recognition of the African migrant community at the policy level as partners in global responses to development challenges in Africa. Their vision is of a more sustainable path to institutional capacity development for enhanced opportunities and good governance in the African sub-region. They also seek to create more awareness among diverse African communities in Ireland through networking, public education, and advocacy. Awareness for Development works through policy research, pilot project modelling, and direct impact project implementation.

  • Contact name: Mernan Oluyede

Bangladesh Community of Cork

The Bangladesh Community of Cork promotes a sense of community and cultural traditions amongst Bangladesh living in Ireland. 

Bini Community of Ireland

The Bini Community of Ireland is an NGO that promotes and celebrate the rich cultural heritage of the Benin people of midwestern Nigeria. It seeks to bring all Binis living in Ireland together as a community, to support its members and contribute to the the development of the Edo State, and to enhance and develop the skills of Bini people in Ireland.


Black History Month Ireland

Black History Month Ireland aims to inspire Africans in Ireland to develop plans and policies that reflect the history, culture, and socioeconomic needs of its communities and groups. It also seeks to develop and celebrate different elements of historical and cultural education profiles to promote diversity and intercultural communication.

  • Contact name: Zeph Ikeh

Brong Ahafo Ne Anuanom-kuo (Dublin)

Brong ahafo be annum-kuo, founded in 2006, aims to take good care of its members and children by providing a supporting community.

  • Contact name: Blaise Tanganmu

Cameroon Connects

Cameroon Connects provides a community and support for Cameroonians living in Ireland.

  • Contact name: Alice

Camfoot Dublin

camfoot dublin

Camfoot Dublin is a Cameroonian group that aims to promote football in their community and among other ethnic minorities in Ireland to lead to successful futures.

  • Contact name: Dieusonne Sidi

Center for Preventing Extremism and Islamophobia

This organisation works towards promoting acceptance of the Islam and also aims to prevent young Irish Muslims from becoming extremists.

  • Contact name: Shamal Mirza

City Changers International Church

City Changers International Church strives to share Christ’s mission in cities and communities around Ireland, safeguard and defend the rights of minorities and the underprivileged, to provide training services, and to empower minority communities through weekly leadership meetings.

  • Contact name: Henry Phiri

Collectif des Amazones IvoIriennes de Dublin

Collectif des Amazones IvoIriennes de Dublin (CAID) is a group for women that provides a platform to share experiences about living abroad and educates them about various topics such as child protection services and domestic violence. It also allows members to get involved through activities and fundraises for disadvantaged Ivorian Coast communities.

  • Contact name: Marie Bie Lou

Colombian Community

  • Contact name: Sotaya Gveuata

Community Links

Based in Cork. Contact the group for more information!

Congo Ireland Business Exchange (CIBEX)

CIBEX aims to promote the social inclusion, integration, and participation of minorities in Ireland.

  • Contact name: Justin Pambi

Congo Lisanga

congo lisanga

Congo Lisanga Ireland is an NGO based in Ireland and was founded in 2004. It aims to reach and empower Congolese nationals in Ireland to help their integration into society and strengthen a multicultural and multiethnic Irish society. This organization also works to protect and to promote the interests of Congolese through effective networking with educational institutions, NGOs, statutory and non-statutory bodies and any other relevant organization.

  • Contact name: Blaise Tangamu

Congolese Community Ireland

Congolese Logo

The Congolese Community aims to develop a united, strong community and to foster a sense of solidarity amongst Congolese living in Ireland, and also emphasizes Congolese values and the importance of social cohesion. Additionally, the Congolese Community strives to provide representation for their members in government and to other communities and organisations.

  • Contact name: Justin Pambi

Cork Migrant Women Group

Cork Migrant Women Group helps support, assist, and empower female migrants in the area. 

Cork Nepalese Community

cork nepalese community

The Cork Nepalese Community promotes the Nepalese culture and preserves ethnic traditions. CNCI also focuses on attracting the foreigners to Nepal to boost tourism. 

Darfur Solidarity Group in Ireland (Dublin)

The Darfur Solidarity Group provides a community and supportive network for Darfurains living in Ireland. 

  • Contact name: Mohmound Adrees / Aref Youiss

Diversity Media Ireland

diversity media ireland

Diversity Media Ireland is created to build a bridge of understanding between the people of Ireland and people from other nations who have come to call Ireland home. As a group composed of naturalized Irish, they have a team of dedicated people whose main objective is to build better relations through our cultures, business, community life, and education.

  • Contact name: Carol Azams

Dublin City Integration Forum

DCIF logo

DCIF aims to promote and facilitate integration, equality, social inclusion, and civic participation for all minority ethnic groups in Dublin to ensure that these groups have a sense of belonging and pride and actively contribute to all aspects of city life. Their main objectives are to create an effective forum where minority groups can network, influence policy, and have representation in the local government, to be a source of information and advocate on issues that affect minorities, to act as a space for information exchange between the local government and migrant groups, and to collaborate with other migration forums in the Dublin region.


Dun Laoghaire Rathdown

dun laoghaire rathdown

Dún Laoghaire Rathdown City Council and the dlr Ethnic Minority Integration Forum provides a number of services that aim to help migrants and marginalized groups. They also plan various events and celebrations.

  • Contact name: Viola Di Bucchianico

Eritrean Community Network Ireland (ECNI)

ECNI logo

ECNI is an organization dedicated to preserving the identity of culture of Eritrea in Ireland. It was founded in 2012. Its objectectives include: to facilitate and support Eritrean member integration into Irish society, to create partnerships with other communities to exchange cultures and traditions, to create links with local government authorities and NGOs to demonstrate the commitment of the Eritrean community to local policies, to organize social events and facilities to serve as a bridge for integration, and to give advice, training, and language support for Eritreans living in Ireland.

  • Contact name: Salomon Asgedom

Ethiopian Community in Ireland

Ethiopian Community logo

The Ethiopian Community is Ireland’s mission is to empower and inspire all Ethiopians in Ireland and to help and support them integrate into Irish society while maintaining their values, culture, and history.

  • Contact name: Elias Alemsesgal

Faith and Hope Ireland

Faith and Hope Ireland works towards the welfare and social inclusion of all in Ireland, specifically seeking to help asylum seekers, the homeless, and those battling mental health issues.

  • Contact name: Esther Lamidi

FC Transilvania


FC Transilvania is a football club in Dublin that was established in 2012. The Athletic Union League team plays its home matches at AUL Complex. 

  • Contact name: Romi Parashchiv

Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS) - Ireland Chapter

FOSIS Ireland logo

FOSIS plays an important role in helping Muslim youth and students. Their mission is to achieve a vibrant and inclusive environment for Muslim students through service, engagement, and advocacy.

  • Contact name: Marwan Akari

Fingal Ethnic Network (FEN)

FEN logo

FEN was established by the Fingal Co. Community Office in 2006. It promotes awareness of issues relevant to the ethnic population of the county, aims to provide a forum where diverse groups can speak on matters relating to their well-being in Fingal, provides an inclusive voice for ethnic groups in the area, and helps to promote ways of integrating effectively in the community. 

Forum Polonia

forum polonia

Forum Polonia is a cooperative platform that brings together representatives of various Polish community organizations, the media, and individuals involved in projects relating to the Polish minority and links these groups to Irish society. It operates through information exchanges, mutual supports, social integration, and by promoting and developing the interests of the Polish community in Ireland.

  • Contact name: Emilia Marchelewski

Guinean Association Ireland

The Guinean Association in Ireland is a non-governmental, non-profit and apolitical organisation. It was established to facilitate encounters between members, develop and reinforce a sense of community, promote Guinean culture, and facilitate the integration of members into Irish society. They also advise on matters such as education, accommodation, employment, and discrimination. 

  • Contact name: Hadiatou Sow/ Mamadou Barry/ Sherif Bah

Hadankai Association

The Hadankai Association works for and advocates for a more enlightened appreciation of minority cultures in the wider society, and aims to foster better community relations. It also strives to build bridges and facilitate dialogue between ethnic minorities and the receiving society and to support West African Muslims and their descendants living in reland in times of need.I

  • Contact name: Rabi Sidi

Hindu Society of Ireland

The Hindu Society of Ireland strives to create a conducive environment for the promotion of universal brotherhood, inter-cultural harmony, and respect for all religions in Ireland. The group also conducts classes and workshops to promote knowledge of various Indian languages, yoga, meditation, spirituality, Indian classical music and dances. 

  • Contact name: Deepak Inamdar

Hofann Global Initiative

hofann logo

Hofann Global Initiative is an independent, non-profit, organisation that promotes sustainable development through strategic partnerships and structured interventions in Nigeria, a West African subregion.

  • Contact name: Aniete Inwang

Igbo Union Ireland - Cork

IGBO logo

The Igbo Union Cork is a non-profit, cultural organisation that focuses on raising awareness and promoting Igbo culture, folklore, and tradition.


Indian Community

  • Contact name: Kesava Gollapalli

Integration of African Children in Ireland (IACI)

Integration of Africa Children in Ireland IACI

IACI is a national network of African Children established in 2003 with the aim of supporting the integration needs of African Children and their families now living in Ireland. It aims to give young people the opportunity to dialogue on issues that affects them, to provide an platforms for discussion and recommendations on cultural diversity, and to create the awareness and understanding of different culture.

  • Contact name: Yemisi Ojo

Irish Community Empowerment Group (ICEG)

ICEG strives to improve education levels, reduce poverty, empower youth and women, and network to strengthen relationships with state bodies and local and international NGOs.

  • Contact name: Macaire Kingidila / Fidele Wamet

ITACA Organization

ITACA logo

ITACA Organization was established in November 2012 as a cultural space for Romanians in Ireland. It strives to help its members maintain a sense of Romanian identity in Ireland. This organization also promotes literature and the arts and features several literary contests.

  • Contact name: Dorina Sisu

Ivorian Community In Cork Ireland

The Ivorian Community helps unify the Ivorian community living in Cork.  

Ivorian Diaspora Ireland

Ivorian Diaspora Ireland aims to create a community to bring all Ivorians living in Ireland together and to help its members integrate into Irish society.

  • Contact name: Bamba Youssouf

Julie's Kitchen

Julie's Kitchen creates catering and hospitality services jobs for young people. 

  • Contact name: Juliet Amamure

KMVKA ya Bampangi ya bandundu (KBB)

This organization aims to assist asylum seekers and those trying to integrate into Irish society. It also aims to promote culture and solidarity of its members to allow for social inclusion.

  • Contact name: Justin Pambi


kuneco logo

Kuneco aims to change perceptions about migrants and refugees and to promote the amazing talents these new residents in Ireland have to offer.


  • Contact name: Roos Demol

Kurdish Irish Society

kurdish irish society

The Kurdish Irish society is a charitable non-profit organization designed to cater to the social, cultural, and education needs of all Kurdish people living in Ireland. They seek to promote integration into Irish society and multicultural activities to maintain a Kurdish cultural identity.

  • Contact name: Zhyan Sharif

Latin American Association of Ireland

The Latin American Association of Ireland is a non-profit umbrella federation of almost thirty independent organisations that work to promote cultural and economic relations between Ireland and Latin America. They also provide an information hub and support network for both Irish living in Latin America and Latin Americans living in Ireland and plan many events for the Latin American community in Ireland.

  • Contact name: Adam Fulham

Latvian Society Ireland

The Latvian Society in Ireland unites the Latvian community living in Ireland through activities involving culture, education, and politics.

  • Contact name: Inguna Grietina

Local Taxis Organisation

local taxis

Local Taxis Organisation offers work placement to people with their license, and also helps nursing homes and community associations by providing free transport.

  • Contact name: Antonio Luseni

Love and Care for People

love and care for people logo

Love and Care for People works with, connects with, and networks with survivors, victims, community leaders, advocates, educators, lawmakers, and other grassroots organisations, using community-based educational programmes, public awareness campaigns, advocacy, and other service provision to encourage healing, personal development, and to ultimately transform lives. They primarily focus on youth, girls, and women in Ireland, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, and Nigeria.

Mama Telema

Mama Telema was set up to empower women, refugees and asylum seekers coming from affected areas in Africa to help them integrate with their community. The organisation particularly focuses on those from the Democratic Republic of Congo and victims of rape to help them eradicate poverty and overcome stigmas to ease their integration process. 

Mamás latinoamericanas en Irlanda

Mamás latinoamericanas en Irlanda aims to support its members and their families to strengthen their community and to help members integrate into Irish society.

  • Contact name: Liliana Morales / Magdalena Carrara

Masisizane Limited

Masisizane Limited logo

Masisizane Limited (formerly called Masisizane Community Support ) was formed in 2013 to unite the South African Community in Ireland. This community-based organisation provides key services to the South Africans in Ireland, such as funeral assistance and catering. It also aims to promote the community and cultural diversity through social events.

  • Contact name: Ethel Soga

Mauritian Community Network Ireland

The Mauritian Community Network aims to promote the Mauritian culture in Ireland to provide a greater understanding of culture, history, and traditions.

  • Contact name: Frida Morimoto

Mauritian Network Ireland

Mauritian Network Ireland works to promote Mauritian culture through seminars and educational activities for children and the provision of information regarding an improved quality of life. 

  • Contact name: Vinod Ramsurn

MECUDA Ireland

Meta Cultural & Development Association (MECUDA) Ireland strives to promote the culture and literature of the Meta people and assists all newcomers of the Meta origin integrating into Irish society. They also provide various training and educational programs for Meta people and engage in fundraising activities.

  • Contact name: Emmanuel Tayong

MIND Ireland


Malayalee Indians (MIND) Ireland is a voluntary community organisation established in February 2008 with a view to provide a platform for Malayalee Indians in Dublin and around Ireland to promote the rich culture, heritage and tradition of Malayalees (natives of Kerala, South India). The organisation emphasizes community participation to help with integration and to foster a sense of community by organising various activities, workshops, and seminars. It also encourages the members to participate in the local government structures.

  • Contact name: Vipin Paul / Matthews Tahil

Moldova Vision

basarabia - moldova vision

Moldova Vision is a not-for-profit organisation that was established in 2006 to support the Moldovan community in Ireland through advocacy and social and cultural events. They aim to support Moldovan people and organisations, especially in rural areas, through high-quality, community-based services such as providing practical support and funding to Moldovan people and organizations, supporting disability and reintegration projects that help reduce the number of people in institutions and orphanages and working in partnership with local organisations in Moldova.

  • Contact name: Sergiu Petrovschi

Music Fest Group

The Music Fest Group seeks to create a platform for all musically talented artists and upcoming individuals to be able to perform and share their music. They are a collection of experienced and ambitious individuals with professional and creative achievements in music.

  • Contact name: Lady Funlayo

NDE Ireland Association

NDE Ireland Association is a voluntary organisation that works with minority ethnic groups in Ireland to promote cultural identity and community integration between people of different ethnicities. They also host various events to create better relationships between different cultural groups an communities, and stress the importance of education and alleviating poverty.

  • Contact name: Martial Mgougna

Oromo Community


Founded in 2008, Oromo Community Ireland facilitates social integration into Ireland and plans a number of social and cultural events to provide a sense of community for Oromo people living in Ireland.

  • Contact name: Tesfaye Onsho

Overseas Chinese Service Center

overseas chinese service centre

The Overseas Chinese Service Center is a non-profit organisation that works towards integration by providing numerous services such as visa and citizen application assistance, legal advice, Chinese learning / educational schooling, translation and interpretation, performing groups, and medical services. 

  • Contact name: Yan Zhang

Palestinian Community Ireland

The Palestinian Community in Ireland aims to foster a sense of community for Palestinians living in Ireland through community meetings and social and cultural activities, and also engages in charitable fundraising activities.

  • Contact name: Maher Al Assad

Peruanos en Irlanda

Peruanos en Irlanda helps Peruvians who are coming to Ireland by providing them with information on employment and housing. They also provide a supportive community for members. 

  • Contact name: Karina Reano

Phoebe’s International Collaboration / Zambian and Irish Drumming Group

This group's groups aims include helping people by providing support and a sense of community and assisting disabled children through the provision of mobility assistance devices.

  • Contact name: Phoebe Hulenga Doran



PhoenixRize is an Irish-based diversity and inclusion consulting practice that promotes and enacts procedures to help create a more inclusive society across Ireland. They also seek to empower women and help them see their inner power through coaching, mentoring, and training.

  • Contact name: Adaku Ezeudo

Prime Advocates

Prime Advocates advocates for disadvantaged and minority communities in Ireland. 

  • Contact name: Placida T. Awunah

Promoting Ivory Coast

Promoting Ivory Coast seeks to share its community’s culture and facilitate integration into Irish society. The organisation hosts a number of activities, such as its Cultural Day to showcase various cultural traditions, food, music, and dance.

  • Contact name: Pélagie Croi

Présence Francophone en Irlande (PFI)

PFI logo

Présence Francophone en Irlande strives to strengthen and enrich relationships between French speakers and help convey the aspirations of Francophone communities. It also seeks to enrich cultural diversity and promote the French language.

  • Contact name: Justin Pambi


Reformation raises awareness of the detrimental consequences textile waste has on our environment.

  • Contact name: Fleur Phoenix-Munroe

Roma Integration Association (RIA)

Established in 2010, the Roma Integration Association is a voluntary organization comprised primarily of Roma men and women living in Ireland. Membership is open to anyone who supports their aims and includes Roma and non-Roma people from a variety of countries.

  • Contact name: Ciuciu Stelian

Romanian Community of Ireland

romanian community

Founded in 1998, RCI facilitates an open platform for Romanians living in Ireland as they integrate into Irish society. It provides services such as English classes for beginners, organizes social and cultural activities, and collaborates with local NGOs and actors in the public and private sectors.

  • Contact name: George Bratulescu / Mari Preda

Sasse Old Boys Association (SOBA Ireland)


This association is composed of alumni from St. Joseph’s College SASSE (also known as SASSE College), a secondary and high school in Cameroon. Their principal objective is to initiate and execute projects to help benefit the current students of SASSE College. This alumni association also provides a professional networking platform and the opportunity to develop relationships with other alumni.

  • Contact name: Charles Eyombo

Slovak Centre Ireland

SCI Logo

The Slovak Centre is a registered non-profit, politically independent organisation that was established by a group of Slovakian volunteers in 2006. The Centre aims to unite, provide services, and represent the interests of the Slovak community in Ireland, improve the social opinion of Slovakia, develop relationships with other communities and organisations, and establish and maintain a nationwide network of volunteers and supporters.

  • Contact name: Rastislav Blazek

Slovaks in Cork

Slovaks in Cork supports, assists, and empowers Slovakians living in the region. 

SOAR (Dublin Chapter)

SOAR logo

The Society for Orphaned Armenian Relief provides humanitarian relief to orphaned Armenian children and adults with disabilities throughout the world. Working with a trusted network of in-country partners and a cadre of global volunteers, SOAR strives to provide this institutionalized population with the same educational and social opportunities as their non-institutionalized counterparts while simultaneously facilitating family empowerment, deinstitutionalization, and reunification.

  • Contact name: Sevak Khachatryan

Somali Community in Ireland

The Somali Community in Ireland was launched in 2015 as an umbrella agency to support to Somali community organisations and to provide a platform to address issues affecting the Somali community in Ireland. The core objectives are to champion the views of Somali organisations in Ireland, influence government policies through policy work and campaigns to improve the conditions of Somali communities, and support collaboration between Somali, non-Somali organisations, local authorities, and statutory bodies. 

  • Contact name: Ahmed Gadaf

Somaliweyn Community Care

Somaliweyn Community Care aims to assist Somalis in a number of activities, including interpretation, taking members to the hospital when needed, developing social and community occupational skills, and assisting in taking and passing tests.

  • Contact name: Fadumo Omar Ali

South Sudan Community Association

The South Sudanese Community Association was founded in 2011 and celebrates and promotes Sudanese culture. 

Southern Cameroonians Ireland

Southern Cameroonians Ireland strives to promote cultural integration and social inclusion by providing advocacy and training services. 

  • Contact name: Bismark Tambi

Sudanese Association of Ireland Ltd.

sudanese association

The Sudanese Association of Ireland was founded in 2015 and is a legally registered association. It works to assist all Sudanese people living in Ireland and welcomes all members regardless of their political, religious, ethnic and professional orientation. The association supports the activities of women and children, assists Sudanese asylum seekers, seeks to develop the talents and skills of members, and promotes and fosters Sudanese culture and heritage in Ireland. 

  • Contact name: Osman Fadlalla

Sudanese Community Association Cork

sudanese assoc. cork

The Sudanese Community Association in Cork aims to provide social, cultural, development opportunities, services, and support to its members, to promote friendship and cooperation between its members, to encourage collaboration and integration between the members and the local, and to promote the Sudanese culture among the local community in Cork and throughout Ireland. 

Sunrise Foundation

sunrise foundation

Sunrise Foundation creates awareness for and educates families and communities on diabetes, emphasizes positivity for people living with diabetes, and inspires and supports those with the disease. 

  • Contact name: Matilda Chongwa

Tres Brazilian Cultural Centre

tres brazilian cultural centre

The Tres Brazilian Cultural Centre is the first centre in Ireland dedicated to promoting the Brazilian culture and heritage.

  • Contact name: Elis Traves

Turkish Community

The Turkish Community is based in Cork, and helps promote Turkish culture and brings together Turks living in this region of Ireland. 

Turkish Irish Education & Culture

TIECS logo

Turkish Irish Educational and Cultural Society (TIECS) is a non-profit, multicultural organisation that was founded in 2004. Their mission is to reach out to people of different cultures, beliefs, and professions through various cultural, social, business, and educational activities to support and advance the harmony and cooperation among them. The charity has members of 35 different nationalities.

  • Contact name: Ayse Kupeli

Uhuru Foundation Ireland

Uhuru Foundation Ireland launches social inclusion initiatives and provides educational programs.

  • Contact name: Peter Judese

Umoja (Swahili Group)

Umoja is a cultural, social, and charitable association of Swahili speaking people from Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo that live in Ireland. Their objectives include to gather information to raise awareness of the social situation in Congo and emphasize the necessity to provide assistance, support Congolese living in Ireland and give them a community, help with Congolese integration into Irish society, and organize cultural activities.


  • Contact name: Arcade Shamavu / Moses

United Filipino-Irish Association Cork

The United Filipino-Irish Association Cork provides a community for Filipinos in Ireland and promotes Filipino culture and tradition by organising different events. 

United Youth of Ireland

United Youth of Ireland provides a community and plans activities for youth members of minorities communities in Ireland. 

  • Contact name: Enes Ismail Yilmaz

Venezuelan Community in Ireland

venezuelan community logo

The Venezuelan Community in Ireland works towards the integration of Venezuelans living in Ireland. It also promotes Venezuelan culture, traditions, and customs, and supports people living in vulnerable conditions in Venezuela.

  • Contact name: Angelisa Zerpa

Voice for African Women

Based in Cork, Voice for African Women advocates for and supports African women living in Ireland. 

Yoruba Progressive Community Cork

The Yoruba Progressive Community in Cork is a community organisation that was founded by a group of Yoruba descendants in 2009.  

Youth Platform Project Ireland (YPPI)

YPPI was initiated by Young Ethnic Minority Leaders under the guidance of NCP and the Dublin City Integration Forum. This young ethnic group advocates on behalf of young migrants living in Ireland for issues relating to equality, rights, policy-making, justice, and social inclusion. They aim to provide a platform for members to articulate their issues and interests and aspire to improve the quality of life of young migrants in Ireland, particularly those who are impoverished and marginalised.

  • Contact name: Godfrey Chimbganoda

Zambia Ireland Association

zambia ireland association

The Zambia Ireland Association provides a community for Zambians living in Ireland by offering support and planning various events.

  • Contact name: Georgina Mahachi