Undocumented Workers Scheme Additional Information

1 Dec 2009

A scheme has been announced by the Government for non-EEA migrant workers who have held an employment permit or green card and become undocumented for reasons beyond their control. This can be as a result of workplace exploitation and / or work permit not being renewed.

Successful applicants will receive 4-month Temporary Permission to Remain from the Department of Justice, Equality, and Law Reform. This will provide time to apply for a Work Permit, for which the Department of Enterprise, Trade, and Employment will waive the usual eligibility criteria.

Applications can be found at www.inis.gov.ie

Applications must be completed in BLOCK CAPITALS, in black ink and in English, and returned by the 31st December 2009 to:

Undocumented Non-EEA Workers Scheme
Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service
13/14 Burgh Quay
Dublin 2