11 Mar 2011

New Communities Partnership has expressed grave concern at the Government's decision not to appoint a Minister with responsibility for Integration.

'It is a grave concern that no Minister has been appointed. It undermines all the great work that has been done over the years between first generation immigrant,and new & settled migrant groups and the previous Ministers of Integration, Conor Linehan and Mary White' Issah Huseini, CEO, New Communities Partnership

The Irish Government declared a definite commitment to develop a real strategy on integration and immigration in the Minister of Integration's statement on integration strategy and diversity management 'Migration Nation' in 2007.
Immigration Law, Citizenship, Asylum Processes, and Diversity management were identified as areas weak in policy and in need of reform. Minister Mary White then introduced the ground breaking Ministerial Councils in 2010, a forum comprised of immigrants to advice her on issues faced by new communities.

MIPEX (Migrant Integration Policy Index ), assesses governments' commitment to integration throughout Europen. In it's most recent findings (2010), Ireland's policies are still viewed as extremely unfavourable to integration, ranking us below UK, Spain, Italy and on a par with Greece and Slovenia. Ireland's family reunion and long-term residence procedures are ranked as the least favourable conditions for integration in Europe and North America. They advise political will is needed to move forward.

'Given the great commitment to Integration from previous Governments, we ha hoped that there would be a (Senior )Minister appointed to Integration. Where are we going with diversity in Ireland without any structures in place. Diversity won't disappear overnight. You just have to look at look at France, Germany and the UK. There are still serious concerns in Ireland over diversity management if ignored can have grave consequences for both immigrants and Irish people' Issah Huseini, CEO , New Communities Partnership

Issah Huseini, CEO, New Communities Partnership 01 6713639