European Year of Volunteering 2011 Profiles New Communities Youth Founder

2 Jun 2011

Beauty Orijakor is profiled by the European Year of Volunteering 2011 for her voluntary work with New Communities Youth and Ym+, a European platform which represents young migrants and young people with migrant backgrounds across Europe.

Beauty, alongside twenty other youth activists, has been working to establish a Europrean Youth network for migrant youth since 2010. Her voluntary work also includes co-ordinating New Communities Youth, presenting the weekly Radio Show Our Africa Dublin South FM and co-ordinating the 2011 Nollywood Film Festival.

'Volunteering gave me the opportunity to look outside my circle. What started as a wish to give young people a voice has somehow led me to standing on platforms in front of the European Parliament telling them how to work with young people. Where to next?I guess I will continue to work with New Communities Partnership supporting young immigrant teenagers. I am making a difference!'

Beauty Orijakor, New Communities Partnership Volunteer. Aged 24