NCP Launches 'The Republic of Ireland - A Beginners Guide to Society, Culture & Politics'

22 Jul 2011

The launch of 'The Republic of Ireland - A Beginners Guide to Society, Culture & Politics' led by New Communities Partnership and Dublin Employment Pact and in conjunction with the Dublin local authorities took place on Thursday, July 21st.

The publication and seminars designed in conjunction with Dr. Elaine Byrne of TCD will give new communities an insight into Ireland; its arts, culture, geography, history, norms and values.

The project is primarily aimed at supporting Third County Nationals to actively engage and participate in local authority structures as a means to furthering their opportunities for economic, social, civic and political participation.

The pilot is one of a series of actions in a three year plan 'Promoting Civic Participation of Third Country Nationals' under which the four Dublin authorities ( Dublin City Council, Fingal County Council, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council & South Dublin County Council) will assist in enabling third country nationals to establish a foothold in and integrate with Irish society. By end of 2013 it is hoped that many authorities nationwide will emulate this project to facilitate local integration.

Dr Elaine Byrne, TCD who compiled the programme said "The full participation of migrants in Irish society is an essential part of a successful integration policy. I'm very proud to have the opportunity to teach about Irish democracy and the citizenship and hope this will help facilitate greater interaction between migrants and the wider Irish population."

Issah Huseini, New Communities Partnership commented "With Dublin becoming increasingly diverse and multicultural this project could not have come at a better time. 20 Community Leaders attended today's workshop given by Dr Elaine Byrne, and these leaders will then deliver a series of project actions and activities within their communities. We are looking forward to an Ireland where social exclusion is a thing of the past and each and every Irish citizen can play a key role within Ireland's economic, social, civic and political arena."

The Republic of Ireland - A Beginners Guide to Society, Culture & Politics' was compiled by Dr Elaine Byrne and Ciara Begley.