New Migrant Network Cork

10 Oct 2011

Cllr Tim Lombard, Lord Mayor of Cork launched the Cork County Integration Network, Monday Oct 10 at County Hall, Cork.

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The Cork County Integration Network is a countywide network of ethnic organisations and individuals living in Cork County. After a year of research and several rounds of community consultations, the Network is also ready to launch the Cork County Integration Network Strategic Plan 2011-2014. The Plan sets out the future objectives of the Cork County Integration Network in ensuring ethnic minority groups have meaningful participation in policy and service provision throughout County Cork.

'This Strategic Plan is a statement of intent to bring about changes to the way ethnic minority organisations work in Cork County, their relationship with policy makers, agencies, community groups and their involvement in decision making on issues that affect their lives' Issah Huseini, CEO, New Communities Partnership.

The Cork County Integration Network was initiated by the New Communities Partnership in Oct 2010.

'Securing funding from the Office for the Promotion of Migrant Integration through the Cork County Council in January 2011 was a major milestone. The funding greatly accelerated the work of the Network and enabled it to undertake extensive outreach throughout the County, bring on new members and develop the Strategic Plan 2011-2014' ERNEST OMONIYI, Cork County Integration Network.

Copies of Cork County Integration Network Strategic Plan are available from Monday 10 October at

RSVP New Communities Partnership, Cork by 6 October 2011 - E Mail or Tel Cork NCP 087 9605589