New Correspondence Details for Irish Naturalisation & Immigration Services (INIS)

12 May 2014

As a result of the recent establishment of the Residence Division within the Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) in addition to the EU Treaty Rights teams all based in the Burgh Quays Offcies and their relevant email addresses; the following changes are taking place with effect from April 14, 2014: 

Residence Division Unit 1 deals with: Spouse of Irish national/Civil partnership, dependants of Irish nationals:, Travel documents: and de facto relationships:

Residence Division Unit 2 deals with: Change of status, extension of visit, Stamp 0 applications and Ministers of religion and lay volunteers.  Email queries to:

Residence Division Unit 3 deal with: Long term residency:, Turkish association:, Without conditions (Stamps 5 and 6):, change of name licence:, foreign adoption: and business permission:

 NOTE: The General Immigration helplines are no longer operational as you're required to use dedicated email addresses above instead.  

 Applications based on IBC status or the 'Zambrano' judgment will continue to be dealt with by the specific teams currently dealing with them. In addition, responsibility for the investor and entrepreneur schemes and student schemes will remain with Immigration Policy Division.

 Please take note of the above units and the areas of work they are responsible, for more details: