PPN First Meeting Successful

21 May 2015

Wednesday night, 20th of May 2015, at the Civic Offices of Dublin County Council, on Woods Quay, took place the first Public Participation Network meeting, the new consultative body that will replace the Forums. The PPN is organized in 3 Electoral Colleges – Community & Volunteer, Social Inclusion and Environment. This was a good occasion for the New Communities Members to have their voices heard and make their concerns known in what regards the new structure. On the same night the Secretariat of the PPN was elected and we have to congratulate our friend Mathews Thayil, from MIND Ireland, for being elected as a Secretary, one of the 3 in the Social Inclusion Electoral College. The Secretariat will do most of the day today work of the PPN. The next step is the election in the different committees where the decision process is taking place. We are waiting anxiously for Dublin County Council to make the call.

You can find more information about the PPN structures on the Dublin County Council Page

We will keep you updated