Third Country Nationals in Fingal Explore Irish History and Politics with Journalist & Lecturer Dr Elaine Byrne

8 May 2012

Dr Elaine Byrne, lecturer, journalist and political analyst will deliver 'History of Ireland, Society, Culture and Politics' workshop to third country nationals from eighteen different countries living in Fingal county on Friday 11 May 2012.

The workshop series is designed to promote a greater understanding among new communities in Fingal County of the history, culture and values of Irish society so as to foster a sense of belonging and shared citizenship.

The 'History of Ireland, Society, Culture and Politics' workshop series is co-ordinated by New Communities Partnership and is a pilot programme of the EIF project 'Promoting Civil Participation of Third Country Nationals through Local Authority Platforms'.

For further information contact Dominka Topolska, Programme Co ordinator - E mail: