Migrant Access Programme (MAP)

Supporting migrants to access employment in Ireland

The Migrant Access Programme (MAP) is a service established by New Communities Partnership (NCP) in 2017 to support migrants to increase their employment opportunities in Ireland.

MAP is a FREE service that assesses participants' needs and provides them with a “Toolkit” to outline their career future.

Our aim is to empower migrants and assist them in overcoming cultural and personal barriers to access employment.

MAP offers:

  1. Employment Training: 4 weeks (2 days per week) intense group training and one-to-one meetings of personalised support.
  • Work Ready!
    • Write a successful CV and create a template for cover letter.
    • Basic presentation and effective communication skills.
    • How to find career opportunities and information on institutions and jobs available.
  • English for job seeking
    • Understand recruitment ads and identify key phrases for employment.
    • Understand and use the vocabulary related to employment skills and experience.
    • Mock interviews to practice communication skills.
  • Essential IT skills for making successful job applications
    • Create and format word documents.
    • Create, format and send emails and attach supporting documents.
    • Find and complete online job opportunities.

Employment training sessions are delivered nationwide. Course materials are included.

2. Public information sessions :

  • One-day information sessions delivered nationwide on:
    • Employment rights and entitlements.
    • Qualification recognition and training and volunteer experience.
    • Employment supports and services available.
    • CV templates and interview skills.


For further information and how to register please complete the form below or contact:

NCP Migrant Access Programme (MAP)

Tel: (01) 872 7842

Email: map@newcommunities.ie

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