NCP Youth Ireland

NCP Youth Ireland is a youth project within NCP that aims to identify the challenges and issues migrant youth face in Ireland. Our mission is to work towards an intercultural and inclusive Irish society where migrant students are achieving their full potential in schools and have the same opportunities as their Irish peers. We are also collaborating with other established youth organisations in Ireland and in Europe to influence the policies regarding to migrant children so they can better integrate into the school system, prevent early school leaving and also assist their parents with the language challenges they face on daily bases.

Collaboration with the SIRIUS European Policy Network

NCP Youth Ireland joined the SIRIUS European Policy Network in January 2014. SIRIUS is a European Policy Network on the education of children and young people with a migrant background.

For more information about the network, click here .

Collaboration with the YPAR (Young People at Risk)

In June 2014, NCP Youth began its collaborattion with Young People at Risk (YPAR), an organisation based in Dublin's North Inner City. From that initial collaboration,  we have extended our work to become part of the Foreign National Young People at Risk Working Group.

For more information about YPAR, click here.

For further information on NCP Youth and the work it does please contact:

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