English Language and Homework Support Programme

NCP Youth

NCP Youth identified a major barrier to the performance and integration of migrant school children from non-English speaking families in Ireland. In 2013 NCP Youth decided to develop the “English Language and Homework Support” programme to address this particular issue. The programme links volunteer teachers with the primary and secondary schools in Dublin who provide English language and homework support to migrant children from non-English speaking families.

Past three years we have been working with five primary and secondary schools in Dublin (St. Mary’s Primary School, Mt. Carmel Secondary School, Dublin National Muslim School, St Mark’s Junior School and Oatlands Primary School). Overall, during these three years, we have supported 150 migrant students in Dublin and helped 30 volunteer teachers to gain first hand teaching experience in schools.   


Our mission is to work towards an intercultural and inclusive Irish society where migrant students are achieving in schools and have the same opportunities as their Irish peers. Also to support migrant students to better integrate into the school system, prevent early school leaving and also assist their parents with the language challenges they face on daily bases.


  • To support students from migrant background to understand, build confidence and perform better in school through additional necessary English language support.
  • To improve the performance of migrant children at school through homework tuition and mentoring. 
  • To assist on one-on-one with students who may have specific English Language challenges with their school work.
  • To support schools to educate children from non-English speaking families.
  • To provide volunteer teachers with an opportunity for professional experience.