Level 1

citizenlogoLevel 1 is suited to information providers who have some experience of the Irish citizenship application process.

The course takes information providers through the application form, and includes updates on the most recent legislation in the Irish citizenship process.                                         

Level 1

  • Calculation on Naturalisation Residency Calendar
  • Eligibility Criteria of Client
  • Immigration Stamps
  • Form 8  
  • Form 9  
  • Proof of Address
  • Reckonable Residence
  • Refugee Travel Documents
  • Social Welfare Eligibility

Clients include South Kildare Citizen Information Service, Clare Immigrant Support Centre, Migrant Rights Centre of Ireland, DORAS, Watereford CIC, Edmund Rice Integration and Support Unit.

Click to request further information of upcoming course dates, or telephone Frank Odei Tettey on (01) 5357 238.

Page Updated 27 February 2019