We strive to be an inclusive organisation representing & empowering migrant communities in Ireland

We are open from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. If you need support or have any queries, please find below all necessary contacts. 

General Enquiries: 018727842 | info@newcommunities.ie
Communication & Public Relations 0879778323 | sevak@newcommunities.ie 
Citizenship Application Support Service: 0879654668 | citizenshipsupport@newcommunities.ie
Migrant Family Support Service: 0873324079 | familysupport@newcommunities.ie
Migrant Women - Opportunities for Work: 0873270540 | miwow@newcommunities.ie
Social Welfare, Education, Health and Accommodation: 0874514043 | nasser@newcommunities.ie

Promoting Diversity

With our recent engagement & ongoing collaboration with the Abbey Theatre, we have been able to bring together a few artists & non-artists at the theatre to watch plays & to engage with the team there. By creating a conducive environment, the Abbey Theatre hosted us for another amazing discussion on representation and inclusion in the Irish Art & Media industry on May 11th 2022.


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