Fully funded online trainings in Tech / IT

NCP is working with INCO Academy to offer fully funded online trainings to anyone interested in tech/IT from our network. Their "Get Into Tech" program is great for all of you looking to learn new digital skills and grow your networks. INCO.org is an NGO that specialises in helping unemployed people find jobs in innovative sectors, they have relationships with companies like Google.org or Verizon. Courses like this typically cost around 2500€, but the scholarships cover 100% of costs.

More info on the courses and application file is here: https://www.ireland.inco-group.co/

NCP COVID-19 Measures

We are here to help and available via email and phone from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you need assistance with any of the following please contact us:

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Citizenship Application Support Service: 0879654668 / frank@newcommunities.ie

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Migrant Family Support Service: 0873324078 / familysupport@newcommunities.ie

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