New Communities Partnership (NCP) is an independent national network of more than 100 immigrant-led groups in Ireland. In addition to being the largest migrant-led network in Ireland, NCP also offers a number of services that assist migrants with social inclusion, child protection, education, training, employment, cultural understanding, citizenship etc. Please click here to see all the services we provide!

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Migrant Women - Opportunities for Work (Mi-WOW)

Mi-WOW is looking to explore, support, and overcome specific barriers that Migrant Women are facing in Ireland during their job-seeking journeys. Mi-WOW is designed to empower Migrant Women to reach their potential, rebuilding their confidence, and upgrading their skills to facilitate their access to the labour market and/or career progression in ways that are linked to their professional goals.

The Migrant Access Programme (MAP)

MAP is a free nationwide service to support migrants to overcome cultural and personal barriers and empower them with a “Toolkit” to outline their career future in order to access employment opportunities as residents in Ireland.