New Communities Partnership (NCP)

We are Ireland’s largest independent migrant-led national network of more than 150 immigrant-led groups comprising 65 nationalities. We are an organisation led by community members for community members, and the issues that we are addressing are grounded in our lived experiences. In addition to being the largest migrant-led Network in Ireland, we also offer a number of services that assist migrant individuals, families and groups with social inclusion, child protection, education, training, employment, cultural understanding and citizenship. Learn more about our services here.

Local Council & the European Elections

As June approaches, we are reminded of our civic duty and the opportunity to shape our communities through the power of our vote. On June 7th, both the Local Council elections and the European Elections for the European Parliament will take place across Ireland. We all must participate in these democratic processes to ensure our voices are heard and our interests are represented.

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Before the elections, it's essential to ensure you're registered to vote. You can easily check your registration status at

As an organisation representing migrants in Ireland, we are delighted to see an increasing number of individuals from immigrant backgrounds contesting in this year's elections. It's a testament to the inclusivity and diversity of our democratic process. Let's support and encourage these candidates who are stepping up to represent our communities.

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