Migrant Women - Opportunities for Work (Mi-WOW)

Migrant Women-Opportunities for Work (Mi-WOW) is our newest project. Coordinated and run by migrant women, and co-funded by the Government of Ireland and the European Social Fund under the Programme for Employability, Inclusion and Learning (PEIL) 2014-2020.

Mi-WOW aims to explore, support, and overcome specific barriers that migrant women are facing in Ireland during their job-seeking journeys. Mi-WOW is designed to empower migrant women to reach their potential, rebuilding their confidence, and upgrading their skills to facilitate their access to the labour market and/or career progression in ways that are linked to their professional goals.

Additionally, Mi-WOW provides support and a critical thinking space to enterprises with the aim of creating and developing inclusive and equal routes for migrant women to participate in any space of the Irish labour market. 




The 'Public Conversation Hubs' are information sessions running four times a year that offer a space for migrant women and migrant descendant women, HR staff and/or people involved in hiring processes to discuss, learn and exchange information about employment rights, the immigration system in Ireland, the importance of networking, and any other topics of interest for migrant women and their lives in Ireland. 


The 'Returning to the Workforce Training' is a nation-wide 4-week employment training aimed at preparing migrant women and migrant descendant women to go back to, or start their career in, the Irish labour market. 

This 4-week programme offers:

- IT skills for work: five sessions. 
- Communications skills for work: five sessions.
- Information on the labour market and your employment rights: three sessions.
-  One-to-one career coach sessions tailored to your needs: two sessions. 
- Follow up support after the training for a period of six months.

The "Returning to the Workface Training" runs four times a year.  


Who is eligible for this training?

If you are a migrant woman or a migrant descendant woman living in Ireland and:

- You have the right to work in Ireland (even if part-time only);
- You are unemployed and/or studying;
- You are ready to get back to work and (re)launch your career; and
- You have an upper-intermediate level of English skills for work purposes.

Note: All migrant women or migrant descendant women who fulfil the requirements set out above are welcomed to apply for the Mi-WOW ‘Returning to the Workforce Training’ but priority will be given to women who are not in receipt of social welfare payments OR who are not required to look for work under the requirements of the social welfare benefits they receive.


The ‘Hiring for Diversity Training’ is a nation-wide equality, diversity and inclusion training directed at HR staff and/or people involved in hiring processes so that together we can build
bridges to overcome the barriers that migrant women and migrant descendant women
face in accessing the Irish labour market.

The 'Hiring for Diversity Training' runs three times a year.


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Please click here to view the leaflet in English


NCP has also made available Mi-WOW's leaflet in the following languages: 

 العر العربية (Arabic)Español (Spanish)Français (French)Polski (Polish)Português (Portuguese)Pусском (Russian)Română (Romanian)简体中文 (Simplified Chinese), and 繁体中文 (Traditional Chinese)


For further information about Mi-WOW and to complete an entry assessment please contact us:

NCP Migrant Women - Opportunities for Work (Mi-WOW)

Phone: (01) 872 7842 or 0871672039

Email: miwow@newcommunities.ie


Page Updated 23 April 2020