Irish Citizenship Application Support Service


1. To reduce the huge number of Irish citizenship applications returned to applicants 'for further attention', by ensuring that high quality applications are submitted. It also helps to address the discrepancies inherent in the current Irish citizenship application system.

2. To significantly reduce Irish citizenship application processing time, through proper information provision and targeted education of potential applicants on the naturalisation process. It also includes outreach, research and policy support.

3. Promote greater understanding and appreciation among immigrants about their duties and responsibilities before applying for Irish citizenship. Also, as Irish citizens; reinforcing the greater sense of belonging and solidarity with the state.

4. Strategically promote immigrants' acquisition of Irish citizenship and respect for that honour and privilege.

5. To proactively promote the active citizenship of immigrants in Ireland; a function that is more important today than ever before.


The Citizenship Application Support Service ensures that all original documentation to support the Irish citizenship application, as specified on the application form and Notes for Guidance are checked, copied and certified.

The benefits of having Irish citizenship applications checked for completeness and accuracy can lead to a significant reduction of delays in processing citizenship applications. The Service operates a series of nationwide help desks and phone lines.