TUSLA Ukraine Response

Unaccompanied Minors arriving from Ukraine

If you are under 18 and arriving in Ireland from Ukraine unaccompanied, you should approach an immigration officer at the airport or the port. They will contact TUSLA which is the Irish state agency dedicated to the protection of children.

Once TUSLA have been notified that you are in Ireland unaccompanied, a social worker will meet you to provide necessary supports and accommodation. TUSLA will conduct an assessment to determine your needs and requirements. TUSLA’s primary goal will be to reunite you with family.

Enrolling in school

Children aged between 4 and 18 will be supported to access public primary or post-primary education provided by the State as appropriate. To get your child started in education, you can approach your local school and they will provide information on how to enrol. A list of schools can be found here.

Regional Education and Language Teams (REALTs) have been established to assist Ukrainian’s arriving in Ireland to secure school placements. If you have any difficulties in securing a placement, contact your local Regional Education and Language Team here.

TUSLA Education Support Service staff are key members of the Regional Education and Language Teams and will assist families if they are having difficulties finding a school place.

Welfare Concerns

If you have a concern about the welfare of a child, you should report it to TUSLA. If you are unsure about whether a report is necessary, you can discuss your concern with a social worker.  A report can be made:

  • Over the phone
  • Through the online portal here.
  • In writing at a social work duty service.

Click here to view contact information for a social worker near you.