About Us

We are Ireland’s largest independent migrant-led national network of more than 150 immigrant-led groups comprising 65 nationalities. We are an organisation led by community members for community members, and the issues that we are addressing are grounded in our lived experiences. We enable migrant communities to engage with all aspects of Irish social, political and cultural life on an equal footing, thereby maximizing the leadership capacity within new communities in Ireland.

Our Members

Our network consists of more than 150 immigrant-led groups comprising 65 nationalities. Our membership includes community and voluntary groups from Asian, Middle Eastern, North African, European, the Caribbean, South American and African backgrounds.


Our Network was formed in 2003 by a group of community leaders who wished to represent and empower migrant communities and their organisations in Ireland. Though member groups' backgrounds varied widely, they shared the common goal of striving to overcome the obstacles and difficulties that arose for people trying to build a new life in Ireland. We now offer a number of services that assist migrant individuals, families and groups in areas including social inclusion, child protection, education, training, employment, cultural understanding and citizenship.

Our Work

We support and strengthen our Irish citizenship communities by:

  1. Providing communal space for immigrant-led groups to interact, exchange ideas and empower themselves.
  2. Offering a unified and inclusive voice for new communities, including those still applying for citizenship, through coordination and networking at the grassroots level.
  3. Developing and circulating information to our member groups, volunteers and the wider immigrant communities. 
  4. Enabling the representation and participation of immigrants in decision-making processes and consultative forums.
  5. Providing training and building the capacity of immigrant groups to identify their own needs and develop an awareness of the policy context within which services are planned and delivered.
  6. Developing services and initiatives that respond to identified needs amongst our communities.
  7. Offering Drop-In Clinics.


Our Vision

We strive to be an effective network, representing and empowering new communities in Ireland, at all levels, in order to influence positive change in policies that have a lasting impact on their lives. We are working towards an intercultural and inclusive Irish society where immigrant groups are achieving equality in economic, social, political and cultural aspects of Irish life.


Our Strategic Goals

  • Ensure representation and participation of ethnic minorities at all levels in Irish society in order to influence positive change and inform policies that impact on migrants' lives.
  • Deliver targeted training that enhances the delivery of better services to people from migrant communities in Ireland and to promote cultural understanding in Irish society.
  • Promote and sustain effective economic participation, integration, and social inclusion initiatives for migrant communities at local, regional and national levels.
  • Promote awareness of, improve access to, and develop tailored services for migrants in the local community in Ireland.
  • Prevention and Early Intervention: raising awareness about child protection practices, positive parenting and engagement in Ireland for asylum seekers, refugees, migrant parents, religious leaders and ethnic minority groups.

For a fuller outline of our strategic goals, including how these goals will be implemented, please see our Strategic Plan 2019 - 2021.


Our Governance 

Our organisation fully complies with the Governance Code for Community, Voluntary and Charitable Sector in Ireland. Click here to read the NCP Governance Code by our Board of Directors.

Our seven expert board of directors are responsible for guiding NCP’s strategy and governance. Click here to meet our Board of Directors.

*NCP is currently in the process of working through the Governance Webpage and it will be published in due course. 



Our services and impact on migrant communities is only possible due to the generous ongoing support and financial assistance from our funders. Click here to learn more about our funders.