How to Join NCP

Membership is open to all ethnic minority individuals and ethnic minority-led organisations.

Member groups must be active non-profit organisations working with disadvantaged ethnic minority communities.

Member groups are invited after an initial application to become Associate Members for a six month period after which a Regional Network meeting must endorse full membership.

NCP AGM 2009There are three types of membership of the New Communities Partnership. However, we are currently only able to facilitate full membership!

  1. Full members (groups)
  2. Associate members (groups intending to become full members)
  3. Supporting members (individuals or groups who wish to support the mission and work of NCP)

New Communities Partnership Membership Form

Fields marked with an asterix (*) are required.

Group Information

Organisation's Rep Contacts

Location of Organisation

Name & Address of Person Completing Form

Declaration and Consent
All new and existing members are expected to sign a declaration available in our office to complete registration and renewals