Labour Market Access Permission

The labour market access programme came into effect in 2018 in an effort to grant international protection applicants access to the labour market. You may be eligible for this permission, if you have not yet received a first instance recommendation on your international protection application after 6 months.

This permission will allow you to access employment and self-employment. It will be valid for 12 months, after such time you can renew your permit provided you are still awaiting a final decision on your application. If you choose to remain in Direct Provision while engaging in employment, you may be required to contribute toward the cost of your accommodation after 12 weeks. International protection applicants who have a Labour Market Access Permit can access the same further education and training resources available to other jobseekers.

For further information and to apply visit here.



If you are a migrant woman in Ireland looking for employment you may be interested in our Mi-WOW programme. Mi-WOW aims to explore, support, and overcome specific barriers that migrant women are facing in Ireland during their job-seeking journeys. To apply visit here.


The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service (INIS) can provide information on how to apply for permission to access the labour market and working in Ireland as an asylum-seeker.

Further information on working in Ireland can be found here.