What Does CASS Offer Applicants?


  • What does the Irish Citizenship Application Support Service offer applicants?

  1. The project ensures that all Irish citizenship applicants, who avail of the service meet the legal requirements and fulfil the criteria for the basis of which they are applying to become an Irish Citizen.
  2. Citizen Application Support Service ensures that applications for Irish citizenship are correctly completed in line with INIS and Department of Justice and Law Reform guidelines.
  3. Citizen Application Support Service ensures that all original documentation to support the Irish citizenship application as specified on the application form and Notes for Guidance are checked, copied and certified.
  4. Where applicants are unable to access the services of a solicitor for completing declarations and certifications required in the Irish citizenship application process, Citizen Application Support Service assists in this regard.
  5. Applications and all supporting documentation that are incomplete, incorrect or insufficient will be returned to the applicant during the appointment.
  6. Irish citizenship applicants will be advised to contact INIS directly for further application or supporting documentation clarification
  • What the Citizenship Application Support Service CANNOT Offer

  1. The Citizen Application Support Service is Not a Fast Track Service. It is a checking service only and will not give advice or act for applicants after the point of application.
  2. Citizen Application Support Service will not act as agents for the applicant and is unable to offer any advice on nationality, or any other advice on other matters such as visas, immigration or asylum.
  3. Using the Citizen Application Support Service cannot guarantee that applications for naturalisation will be successful. The service is provided by NCP to only check that the application is completed correctly. The consideration of the naturalisation application is done by trained INIS officials.
  4. Using the Citizen Application Support Service will not help applicants to Jump the Queue. However, using the service increases the likelihood of lodging an Irish citizenship application that can be completed without further enquiry.
  5. Using Citizen Application Support Service is optional. Applicants may continue to apply directly to the Citizenship Section in Tipperary.