Irish Citizenship Application - Frequently Asked Questions

Seven Important Things for Irish Citizenship Application

1. Pre-application preparations:
Ensure that you download the Irish citizenship application form and the guidance notes to the application beforehand. When this is done, start putting together the documents requested in the notes well ahead in preparation for your application form.

2. Documentation:
Ensure that copies of your birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable) and the bio-data page of your national passport are duly certified. Translated copies of these documents must also be certified.

3. Using the residency calculator:
Ensure that the date used in calculating your residency is the same as the date of the declaration on your Irish citizenship application form.

4. Criminal offence:
Ensure that you do not conceal any criminal offence. Even if it is a minor offence, you must provide as much detail in the section provided for additional information on the form. This will help to ensure that you utilise the opportunity to give your own account of events.

5. Declaration:
Ensure that you complete the declaration page that is relevant to your Irish citizenship application and that your spouse completes the relevant declaration section if your application is based on marriage to an Irish citizen. This declaration must only be made before a Notary Public, Commissioner for oaths, Solicitor or a Peace Commisioner.

6. Application Fee:
Ensure that you enclose the application fee of €175.00 made payable in the form of a bank draft to the Secretary General of the Department of Justice. This fee is non refundable and must accompany every Irish citizenship application. Please be advised that Postal orders are NOT accepted anymore to pay application fees.

7. Application Assistance:
If you require assistance completing the Irish citizenship application form, or have any queries related to making an application for Irish citizenship you may contact the New Communities Partnership's Citizenship Application Support Service (CASS).