Primary Education

Almost all migrant and refugee children have the same right to access primary and secondary education as Irish children. The only exception is the children of international students from outside the European Union.

Primary education is free in Ireland and all children are legally required to attend. Children stay in primary school until 6th class when they are generally 12 years of age. You can enrol your child by enquiring at your local primary school. For more information on primary school education visit here.


Second Level Education

The post-primary or second-level education caters for students aged 12 to 18 years. Attendance at school is compulsory for students aged under 16. The majority of post-primary schools do not charge fees. However, students must pay for books and examination fees. For more information on second level schools visit here. 

For a list of primary and second level schools visit here.


Third Level Education

Student Support Scheme

The Student Support Scheme for Asylum Seekers provides financial grants for students who are in the protection system or at the permission to remain (but not deportation order) stage and who want to enrol in an approved course at third level. In order to be eligible, you must have been in Ireland for at least 3 years. For more information on the scheme visit here. 


Student Universal Support Ireland (SUSI) is Ireland’s national authority for all further and higher education grants. SUSI offers funding to eligible students in approved full time third level courses.

Not all residency statuses are eligible for SUSI. Migrant children who are in care and living with foster families are very often granted a residency permission known as an 'Exceptional Stamp 4' when they turn 16. Although they can live and work in Ireland, their residency permission does not allow them to access SUSI grants. For more information on eligibility visit here.

Sanctuary Scholarships

A number of universities, colleges and other education institutes across Ireland offer scholarships to students in the international protection system to enrol in their undergraduate courses. Each university/IT/college sets out their own criteria for eligibility to the scholarship. The Irish Refugee Council have a helpful resource on scholarships at third level.


Further Education

Training and further education can be accessed by jobseekers through your nearest Education and Training Board (ETB) Training Centres. You can apply for a traineeship programme or specific skills training at your local Intreo centre. Click here to find your local Intreo office.

For more information on courses and programmes visit here.