Africa Caribbean Forum

  • Contact name: Susuana Olatunji Komolafe

The Africa Caribbean Forum, founded in December 2007, is a group that is dedicated to the support and empowerment of African and Caribbean people living in Ireland. The group was formed when two individuals, one resident from the Caribbean and another from Africa, met to talk about the situation in their respective communities here in Ireland. It was in that conversation that the idea of Africa-Caribbean Forum was born. Both people in that conversation were aware of situations where people coming from the Africa and the Caribbean went through unnecessary hardships before getting settled. Thus, the Africa Caribbean Forum was started. 

The aims of the group are:

  • to act as a point of reference for migrants and local businesses, institutions and other community organisations about the needs of African and Caribbean people. 
  • to be the voice representing the interests of the African and Caribbean Migrants living in Ireland and, where necessary to provide them with representation, mediation and advocacy.
  • to provide information, advice and guidance to migrants and prospective migrants and to act as a resource in Ireland for information on the cultures and values of the African and Caribbean countries.
  • to facilitate a good and productive relationship between the African and Caribbean communities on one hand and with embassies, government agencies and the broader Irish community, on the other.
  • to give visibility to the African and Caribbean communities and be a conduit for approaches and initiatives of development among African and Caribbean migrants.
  • to facilitate the integration of African and Caribbean residents into Irish society and generate respect for the communities, their cultures and their values.
  • to function as a support base for residents experiencing difficulties, whether in business, community or family projects and act as a bridge and liaison for effective communication and mediation.
  • to source and/or provide training, when needed, in the areas of diversity, intercultural and anti-racism awareness. 

The Africa Caribbean Forum has been a member of New Communities Partnership since January 2011.