Arabesque Events Ireland

  • Contact name: Rafika Rajab

Arabesque Events Ireland is an organisation that works to promotes Arabic culture by highlighting its beauty. It is dedicated to showcasing the arts and culture of Arabic people through exhibitions, music, dance, films, food, and language. The organisation of these events helps preserve traditions and helps facilitate integration as well.

History of the Group

The history of the group all started with a song and dance show at the Ranelagh Arts Festival in 2012, called an Arabesque Night. That coincided with something called the Arabic Culture Lovers Meetup, which was set up as a network for people who wanted to meet and enjoy Arab food, speak the language and attend cultural events. On the back of those two occasions, Arabesque Events Ireland was formed.

The founders of Arabesque Events Ireland created the group because they realised what a need there was for their services in Ireland, a need that was otherwise not being filled. Arabesque Events identified three specific needs that they could address:

  1. A social network for newcomers from the Arab world to find others to socialise and befriend, if possible.
  2. To promote positiveness within the diverse Arab communities in Dublin and encourage talent.
  3. To invite Irish and international people to attend cultural events to share an enjoyable experience and exchange ideas.

These days, Arabesque Events Ireland arranges a host of activities and events that meet all those needs. These include:

  • language exchange for learners to practice their skills
  • opportunities to taste Arab cuisine
  • viewings of Arab films
  • literary talks/readings/calligraphy
  • music gigs and dance events
  • and more

The group is a non-profit organisation with 1 part-time staff member: Volunteers are always welcome, especially for the big events, such as Arabic Language Day. 

Arabesque Events Ireland is also open to gaining new members, to working with other groups, and to hearing from members of the media. It also welcomes interest and information from sponsors, donations, and government or other funders.

To get in touch with Arabesque Events Ireland, please contact Rafika Rajab on (087) 903 0816 or by email at You can also find the organisation on Facebook at