Association of Botswana in Ireland

  • Contact name: Boikobo Selepeng

The Association of Botswana in Ireland, founded in 2015, is a community organisation that works to promote and celebrate the culture of Botswana through events, participation and representation. 

Based in Dublin, Ireland, the association's main objective is to advocate for Batswana (the people of Botswana) who are living in Ireland. 

Additionally, the Association of Botswana in Ireland is also focused on promoting Setswana culture to a worldwide audience. The association has observed an apparently inexhaustible appetite for the cuisine dishes, culture, tradition and dance of Botswana and is also working to create demand for Botswana's traditional music abroad.


The Association of Botswana also wishes to raise the profile of the country in a number of ways:

  • by promoting the diverse culture of Batswana through cultural events
  • by promoting tourism to Botswana here in Dublin
  • and to attract investors to the African tourism sector 

Get in touch

The association actively encourages participation from members of their community and is open to new members from across Ireland. The association is also open to working with other groups and to hearing from the media. To get in touch, telephone (089) 961 5290 or email

The Association of Botswana in Ireland also maintains a Facebook profile page, to share news, promote and brand tourism in Botswana, and to highlight tourism investment opportunities in Africa. Go to to view it.