Association of Spanish-speaking Parents in Ireland (ASPI)

  • Contact name: Leticia Medina Andres

The Association of Spanish-speaking Parents in Ireland (ASPI) is a socio-cultural and recreational organisation that was formed in 2012. It aims to promote the use of the Spanish language between parents and their children and works to encourage the transmittance of Hispanic culture and traditions. The association also seeks to contribute to the cultural diversity of Ireland, to serve as a platform to connect and integrate Irish and Hispanic communities, and to provide social networking for the Spanish-speaking community in general. 

ASPI began its journey in early 2012 with the help of 10 founding members and currently has around 200 affiliated families (about 800 people).

This organisation is based in Dublin but maintains a helpful website at On the website, you can see planned activities, an FAQ for Spanish-speaking parents who are living in or moving to Ireland, and also sign up to receive email updates from the Association of Spanish-speaking Parents in Ireland.

ASPI is open to new members and to working with other groups. It also welcomes enquiries from the media.

Get in touch

To contact ASPI, please email or contact the group through Facebook by clicking here.