Congolese Chamber of Commerce Ireland (CCCIRL)

  • Contact name: Fiston Kiangata

The Congolese Chamber of Commerce in Ireland (CCCIRL) is on its way to becoming part of a leadership Network in Ireland as well as in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo or DRC for short).


CCIRL's vision is:

  • to facilitate a large network of Irish-Congolese businesses in Ireland
  • that Irish-Congolese businesses will be renowned for their know-how, quality and execution
  • to build a bridge between Ireland and the DRC


CCCIRL's mission is:

  • to promote the interests of the Irish-Congolese community in Ireland
  • to be the first choice for strategic support for Irish businesses investing in the DRC

The CCCIRL was founded in January 2019 by Fiston P. Kiangata, as the founder of Congolese origin with other Congolese entrepreneurs who have found in their community a strong desire to have a structure meeting their needs; to consult and interact with professionals, business people, entrepreneurs, self-employed workers, and community leaders.

A non-partisan and non-profit organization, the Congolese Chamber of Commerce in Ireland is a network of Irish Congolese professionals, entrepreneurs, self-employed of Congolese origin.

Get in touch with CCCIRL

For more information about the Congolese Chamber of Commerce in Ireland, visit You can also find the CCIRL on Twitter (@cccirl), on Linkedin (click:, and Facebook (see:

If you would like to contact the CCCIRL directly, go to: or phone Founder and President Fiston Kiangata on (089) 985 8935.