Ethiopian Community in Ireland

  • Contact name: Elias Alemsesgal

The Ethiopian Community in Ireland’s mission is to empower and inspire all Ethiopians in Ireland and to help and support them integrate into Irish society while maintaining their values, culture, and history.

Founded in 2015, the group, which has a main office in Dublin, is open to all Ethiopian people living in Ireland. The main purpose of the Ethiopian Community in Ireland is to sustain and celebrate Ethiopian cultural values, both for the benefit of those in Ethiopia, the new generation of children born in Ireland to Ethiopian families, and to the adopted families of Ethiopian people living in Ireland. This group also works to share its culture and community with greater Irish society. 

The group works to encourage their fellow Ethiopian families and children to learn the Ethiopian culture and norms through its events. These events are a chance for every member of the community to perform and share their cultural talents in indigenous arts. The Ethiopian Community's programmes and events are usually open to everyone who would like to attend, not just members of the community.

Get in touch

The Ethiopian Community in Ireland is open to new members and would also like to hear from other community groups and media representatives who are interested in Ethiopian cultures and people. Additionally, as a group that is volunteer-led and run, the Ethiopian Community welcomes support from funders as well as those who can provide technical support or spaces for events. 

If you would like to get in touch with the Ethiopian Community, you can email; phone (089) 455 4550; or find them on Facebook at You may also visit their website at