Manyu Elements Cultural and Development Association (MECA) Ireland

  • Contact name: Jones Orock (National Coordinator)

Manyu Elements Development and Cultural Association (MECA) is a non-profit and non-political association of Manyu people (by birth or affiliation) residing in Ireland. Manyu is a department of the Southwest region of Cameroon with a population of about 398,000 inhabitants.

Membership is open to all Manyu people (by birth or marriage) residing in Ireland.

The organisation is comprised of three permanent organs: the local chapters, the national executive committee, and the council of chiefs. The local chapters serve as the building blocks for MECA Ireland and are responsible for the activities of their members. Through these local chapters, MECA Ireland:

  • empowers its members to better integrate within Irish society
  • encourages and promotes unity, love, loyalty, mutual respect, collective responsibility, and cooperation among Manyu people residing in Ireland and abroad
  • supports and assists members of the association in times of need and difficulties
  • organises quarterly general assemblies so that members of different local chapters can come together to share their ideas and experiences
  • network with other MECA branches around the world
  • revive, promote and preserve Manyu cultural events within the association
  • and more

At present, MECA Ireland has two main chapters in Cork and Dublin with more than 100 members nationwide. 

Established in 2009, MECA Ireland has been an NCP member since 2010.