Southside Chinese Residents Association (SCRA)

Based out of Bray, Co. Wicklow, the Southside Chinese Residents Assocation (SCRA) was established in August 2007. The SCRA is a non-profit public social group legally registered by the Irish government and is also recognized by the Chinese Embassy in Ireland.

The SCRA's aim is to lead the Chinese in Ireland to better integrate into the Irish community and to promote the inheritance of Chinese culture.

Additionally, in the same period of 2007, the founders established the South Residence Chinese School, which is now quite large, contributing to the Chinese foundation and inheriting Chinese culture for Chinese descendants. It has also actively participated in various cultural and community activities and exchanges in Ireland, and is designed to be an information platform for Chinese people living in Ireland. 

The SCRA has been a member of NCP since May 2010.