Venezuelan Community Ireland

  • Contact name: Indira Fernandez / Kley Salinas

The Venezuelan Community in Ireland (VCI), which was founded in 2017, is a group that works to support and empower Venezuelan people who are living in Ireland. The group was born from the idea of having a strong and united community of people whose vision is to work towards the integration of Venezuelan people living in Ireland into Irish society and to promote Venezuelan culture, customs, and values in the country. 

The group works to positively influence the lives of the Venezuelans living in Ireland through support, plans, and activities; to provide information to community members about support and services available in Ireland that could be of benefit to them; to improve the flow of information about events, projects, and resources that could be of interest to the VCI; to encourage participation from community members in activities and projects that could promote their integration into the Irish society; and to build a unity among community members to ensure a strong ownership of the VCI.

Additionally, the organisation strives to support people in vulnerable conditions in Venezuela to improve their living situation.

Get in touch

Although it is based in Dublin, the VCI is open to any Venezuelan people living across Ireland. It is also interested in hearing from members of the media who are interested in Venezuelan people or culture. 

You can contact the VCI in a number of ways. The Venezuelan Community in Ireland maintains a strong online and social media presence, including a website (; Facebook (; Instagram (; and Twitter (

You can also reach the VCI directly via email at