Migrant Women & Micro Enterprise

12 February 2010

Second in a series of training on micro enterprise for women on setting up small business.

Topics covered will include:

* Getting Prepared, what you need to be a mobilizer;
* Getting Started, preparing the community for action;
* Organizing the Community, combining action and training;
* Into Action, community movement;
* Sustaining the Intervention, beyond a single mobilizer;

Women who have completed the above training and have their business plan completed may be interested in attending the afternoon discussion.

Training Participatory Management, running an NGO, a project, or a firm;

Community Project Design, participatory methods to design a community project;

Building a Credit Organization, a community organization for channelling credit;

Contact Laura Kersulyte to confirm your attendance at info@newcommunities.ie.

10 am - 4 pm, 10 Cornmarket, Dublin 8