Lives in Translation - Theater Play in Dublin

19 February 2018

Very interesting show coming to Dublin in Feb/ March this year.

Laying bare the realities of the asylum process in Ireland, Lives in Translation is a hard-hitting new play based on interviews with female Somali asylum seekers.

Written by Rosemary Jenkinson the play is based on the very real experiences and stories of women who have first-hand experienced the asylum industry in Ireland, some being trapped within the system for years.

The show tells the story of one woman, Asha, who in fleeing the conflict of her home becomes entrapped in a new struggle. This time with the suffocating bureaucracy of the asylum system, made even more difficult through having to engage with this system through translation. 

It follows her ten-year journey from Mogadishu to Dublin, Belfast to London and back again as she fights for a place to make home and a life free from fear.

The play will be performing on:

Civic Theatre, Tallaght | Tuesday 27th and Wednesday 28th February | 8pm

Axis Arts Centre, Ballymun | Friday 2nd March | 8pm |

Follow the links above for more information.

Publication cover - Lives in Translation flier