NCP & the Overseas Chinese Organisation (OCO)

01 May 2009

NCP in collaboration with the Overseas Chinese Organisation (OCO) are establishing a help desk which will provide an information and advocacy to members of the Chinese community.

The helpdesk will open on Thursday mornings from 9.30 - 1.30 pm where volunteers from Overseas Chinese Organisation (OCO) will meet with individuals and families from the Chinese community. The service will take place at NCP, 10 Cornmarket, Dublin 8 and will commence in May

海外华人组织Overseas Chinese Organization OCO与爱尔兰具有权威性的组织 新社团伙伴New Communities Partnership NCP专门针对中国移民的各类问题进行搜集整理,并代表中国移民与爱尔兰政府的相关部门进行交涉,力求把问题变成社会的焦点,引起社会的高度重视,进而起到提到效率,缩短周期, 达到解决问题的作用。