World Refugee Day 2024

30 May 2024

Refugee day 24

While Ireland has long participated in Refugee Week, this year marks only the second time Irish Refugee Week will be celebrated independently from the UK. Ireland’s Refugee Week will commemorate the displaced men, women, and children who have bravely forged a new life in Ireland while recognizing the challenges and hardships they’ve overcome. We want to honour the kindness and humanity shown by people across the country in welcoming refugees, highlighting the compassion and cultural diversity that makes Ireland unique. 

The theme for Irish Refugee Week 2024 is “home,” a concept we will delve into with refugees who will share their personal stories with NCP. By highlighting these narratives, we hope to amplify the voices of displaced individuals in Ireland and allow the Irish community a chance to learn about the lived experiences of refugees through their own words.

As we look forward to celebrating Irish Refugee Week, June 17 to 23, we are excited to demonstrate our solidarity with refugees by providing a platform for them to share their stories.